The Story of Robby & I

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Robby & I

In case you didn’t know how Robby and I met, we met on a beach trip with mutual friends in 2006, I always thought he was the funniest guy I knew. I would always go home to my friends and talk about how hilarious he was.

In 2013 we became pretty close friends while on the same beach trip. We had late night talks on the beach, then we got each other’s number and texted for a whole year till the next beach trip in 2014 when we started dating!! We were long distance for a couple years as he was at UNCW and I was here in Raleigh. When he graduated, he moved back to Raleigh.

He proposed on the same beach trip in 2018 surrounded by both our families. It was so sweet!! Then we got married in 2019 at Smith Mountain Lake in VA!

Robby and I love to cook dinner together, we love Sunday fundays which include having brunch and playing card or board game together. And we love to play with our sweet pup Rusty!

Wedding Photos by Chelsea Anderson


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