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Sparkler Exits | 3 Reasons to do a Fake Exit

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Fake Exits

Controlled exits (or fake exit) are such a great part of your wedding day, you can get the “‘exit’ pictures without having to pay for extra hours of coverage. You have an option to do a controlled exit with your bridal party! Instead of saving your exit until the very end you can plan a controlled exit with just your bridal party and a few family members. This allows us to have more control over the exit photos and the party doesn’t have to stop.

Sparkler exits are such a beautiful way to send off the new married couple, they make for awesome photos. But there are some risks to having a sparkler send off at the end of the night when all your guests have been drinking all night. My suggestion is to have a controlled exit before the night ends! That way your hair is not a mess, your guests haven’t partied all night, and you get much better photos! If you are worried that your guest will leave after your fake exit you can always do a controlled exit with just your bridal party and family! that makes for a great photo op, everyone looks the same and you don’t have distracting colors in the photos!

3 reasons to do a fake exit

  1. You haven’t partied all nighty yet: This means that your make up and hair are still in-tact for your exit photo! And your guests haven’t had too much to drink yet… AKA less chance of them hitting you with a sparkler (trust me, happens all the time!)

  2. Coordinated Colors: When you are surrounded by your bridal party instead of wedding guests that could be wearing distracting colors, you can except to have beautiful exit shots surrounded by your wedding colors!!

  3. Multiple chances at an epic photo: When you do an exit shot at the end of the night, I only have one chance to capture the two of you running through the sparklers or any other exit. When you do a controlled exit I have multiple chances to capture serval awesome exit portraits!



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