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A Windy Spring Engagement Session at Fort Fisher

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windy spring engagement session at Fort Fisher, NC

Liz and Harrison

Nobody warned us that Liz and Harrison’s spring engagement session at Fort Fisher at Kure Beach, NC was going to be so windy! I’m talking about 30 MPH winds!! Being a prepared photographer, I always check the weather before a session just in case. However, sometimes the wind can be a little stronger than anticipated and I won’t know what’s it’s like until I meet my clients. Fort Fisher is one of my favorite places for engagement sessions, so we definitely wanted to stay in this area for photos. But Liz and Harrison were such troopers as we moved to the other side of the beach. Even though it was still a little windy, we had beautiful light and they got some amazing photos!

Liz and Harrison have always been in the same places at the same time, but it took them some time to eventually meet and realize all they had in common. They both went to neighboring high schools and the same college as well in Charlotte, NC where they had the same major. Liz and Harrison met on the dating app Hinge when they both moved to Raleigh to start they new jobs. They have been together for 4 years.

Later during their session, they changed into a second outfit. Harrison added a navy blue pullover and Liz changed into another white dress. We took some more photos at the boat ramp near Fort Fisher. This area is such a pretty spot with my favorite tree and a lovely view of the sounds. For their wedding, they are renting a big beach house and having their ceremony at Ocean Isle. I can’t wait to capture their special celebration!

Let’s capture your engagement session at Fort Fisher! Make sure to inquire with me so we can schedule a time for you and spouse to be!

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