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My Best Tips as a Seasoned Wedding Photographer

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wedding couple walking next to a pond and fence at North Carolina venue

I can’t believe that I photographed my first wedding back in 2015! When I look back at how far I’ve come, it still surprises me that I have captured over sixty-five weddings over a period of eight years. I’ve learned so much as a business owner and have increased my skills and knowledge as a photographer. In addition, I have witnessed different types of ceremonies and receptions and have enjoyed how each couple I shoot puts their own special touch into their wedding day. As someone who has already been married for four years, I can tell you that your wedding day goes by so fast! It’s so hard to remember everything from your day, let alone what you ate or who came to celebrate. Therefore, I’m sharing with you my best tips as a seasoned wedding photographer!

Wedding Tip #1

Have all of your details ready to go in a bag or box for me when I arrive! This includes all jewelry (including the wedding rings), full invitation suite, shoes, a veil, perfume, or any other details you want to be photographed. I also like to include some loose flowers if possible to add to the details.

wedding details and rings by Wilmington photographer

Wedding Tip #2

Make sure your “getting ready” space is clean around the biggest window that’s available! This means getting rid of food, bags, make-up, and other items that may clutter the background. I’m a natural light photographer, so I will be photographing the bride getting ready by the window using any natural light. If the space where you’re getting ready isn’t suitable, then we can take some pretend getting ready shots in a better-lit area of the venue.

bride and groom getting ready at North Carolina wedding venue

Wedding Tip #3

Speaking of flowers, let’s talk about your bridal bouquet! I know that flowers can be expensive. I suggest splurging on your bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets can be smaller compared to yours. Your bouquet is in ALL your photos, so it’s important to make sure yours looks really nice!

bridal bouquets at North Carolina wedding venue in spring

Wedding Tip #4

Some couples don’t opt for it, but I highly suggest doing a first look! I really wish I had done a first look at my wedding. I was beyond nervous when I walked down the aisle. When you share a first look with your fiance on your wedding day, you achieve two things: more portraits and a moment together just the two of you. This private time between the two of you takes away all the wedding nerves. Wedding days are crazy busy and you will be so much more relaxed when you share a first look. Besides, who wouldn’t want more bride and groom portraits?

first look between bride and groom at North Carolina wedding

Wedding Tip #5

Don’t forget to smile as you walk down the aisle – and stop for a kiss in the middle as you exit your ceremony. Walking down the aisle can be scary with all eyes on you! Remember to keep your head up and smile! This includes the entire wedding party as well!

groom and bride walking down the aisle at North Carolina wedding venue

Wedding Tip #6

Go outside for sunset photos!! Thirty to forty-five minutes before the sun sets provides the most amazing light of the day. It’s actually a wedding photographer’s favorite time during the wedding day because of the light. When I got married, I was having way too much fun dancing at the reception. We didn’t go out for sunset pictures and I definitely wish we had!

my best tips as a seasoned wedding photographer

This is your wedding day! A day in your life that only comes once! Don’t forget to soak in every moment because it will go by so fast! And before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your tenth anniversary. During the ceremony, have your officiant tell you both to look out into the audience and soak it all in! By using my best tips as a seasoned wedding photographer, your special day will go smoothly

If you found these tips helpful for your upcoming wedding, then make sure to keep following me for more info! And if you think we’d be a good fit for your wedding day, be sure to fill out my form on my contact page. My dates for 2023 are almost taken, and I’m now booking for 2024!

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