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Tips for Including Your Dog at Your Engagement Session

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tips on how to include your dog at your engagement session

I love it when my couples ask to include their dog in their engagement session! My furry family member, Rusty, was at our engagement photos and those images are hanging in my house! We all know that our pets are special members of our family, and we want them to be included in our shoot. As an engagement photographer, I love it when my sessions go smoothly! Here are some handy tips when planning to bring your dog to your engagement shoot!

Bring Some Toys

tips on how to include your dog at your engagement session

It’s a good idea to bring a squeaky toy! This will help get your dog’s attention. Having any kind of toy that makes noise makes this a fun experience for your dogs and yourself! I use the squeaky toy near my camera so when I’m taking a picture, they will look in my direction.

Have a Friend Help

dog owner wearing a white dress looking up with her dogs on the beach

When you bring your dogs to your engagement session, it’s also nice to have a friend there to help! I make the suggestion to my couples to bring a friend or family member who can be a dog handler. Even though you plan to have your dogs in a lot of your photos, you also want to celebrate just the two of you because, after all, this is your engagement shoot! This way, you can have pictures of just you and your fiance. My engagement sessions are about an hour and a half long, so you could even have someone bring your dog towards the end of the session! 

Pack Some Yummy Treats

guy posing with his brown and white dog on the beach

Be sure to pack some yummy treats for your dogs! Sometimes dog treats work better than toys because they will listen to the commands. However, it all depends on what motivates your dog! If your engagement session takes place during the warmer months, make sure to also bring water for them so they stay hydrated.

Wear a Neutral Colored Leash

two dogs tied to a lifeguard stand on the beach in Wilmington

When you bring your dogs, be sure to have them wear a neutral-colored leash. The leash will more than likely be in the photo depending on what angle the dog is posed. You don’t want distracting colors such as bright neon or crazy patterns that will clash with your outfits. Colors such as gray, ivory, white, or black are perfect for your session!

I love dogs so much, no matter how big or crazy they are! Having your dog included in your session does not have to be stressful! With this handy list of what to do, having your dog at your engagement session will be successful. You will walk away with really cute and memorable photos! I would love to capture your furry friends at your engagement session. Visit my contact page so we can schedule a date!

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