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What to Look for When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

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what to look for when booking your wedding photographer in north carolina

It’s officially engagement season! This is the time of year, between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, when most couples get engaged. After you get that sparkly ring on your finger, you will be wanting to plan your wedding soon and reaching out to your favorite vendors. There are many things to keep in mind when searching for someone to document your wedding day. Here are my favorite reasons on what to look for when booking your wedding photographer!

Ask To See a Wedding Portfolio

When you are inquiring with a wedding photographer, make sure that they can show you at least two full wedding galleries from start to finish. That will give you an idea on what your pictures will be like on your wedding day. I personally also show you full engagement sessions. There’s always a chance that it may be rainy or overcast, or your couples portraits may need to be taken at night. You want to make sure your photographer knows how to shoot in multiple different lighting scenarios. From your getting ready room, ceremony, portraits and the dance floor, make sure they know how to use flash! 

what to look for when booking your wedding photographer in Wilmington, NC

Make Sure There’s a Backup Plan

You want to ask specific questions about what happens if the photographer ends up sick or has an emergency on the wedding day. He or she needs to have a plan in case they can’t shoot your wedding for some reason. I personally make sure that I have a strong second shooter lined up, and one that I can trust to take over the day if needed. I then find another second shooter to assist the now lead photographer. If that isn’t possible, then I know that my strong second shooter will be able to shoot the entire wedding day without me.

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Do They Have Insurance?

I can’t stress how important it is for your wedding photographer to have insurance! A lot of venues actually require liability insurance by each vendor. You want to make sure that your wedding photographer can provide that with no problem. If something happens on the wedding day such as a wedding guest tripping over equipment or a camera malfunctioning, your wedding photographer needs to be fully prepared.

Wilmington, NC engagement photographer at the beach

Choose a Style You Love

Make sure you choose a posing and editing style that you love! All photographers have a different editing style, whether that be light and airy, dark and moody, warmer tones, or muted tones. There are a lot of options so make sure you choose the style you and your fiancé both want! Also, you want to make sure the photographer has a constant/consistent editing style, that all their photos look the same editing, no matter what kind of lighting situation. Once you decide on a wedding photographer and their style, remember that he or she will not change their editing for your wedding. So if you’re 6 months away from your wedding date and want to go in a different direction style wise, you may need to look for another photographer.

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Know What’s in a Wedding Package

There are some photographers who charge per photo when it comes to weddings. This is definitely more of an older and outdated approach, but there are still some photographers who only give you thirty images and you have to pay for the rest. I personally give you all the edited photos from your wedding day with printing rights! Always make sure you know what you are getting in your packages! 

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Your Photographer is More Than Just a Vendor

It’s very important in my business that I connect with my couples. I want to be a friend more so than a hired vendor. You spend the most time with your photographer not just on your wedding day, but also during your engagement session. When you are looking at hiring a photographer, you need to make a personal connection. As part of my booking process, I schedule a phone consultation once you have inquired so we can talk more about your vision for your wedding day.

spring engagement session on the beach at Fort Fisher, NC

When you’re officially engaged and you need to know what to look for when booking your wedding photographer, following these important steps will guarantee that you’ll find someone you love! Be sure to message me after you get engaged this season, so we can talk details about your wedding day.

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