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My Favorite Wilmington Wedding Florists

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my favorite Wilmington wedding florists  in North Carolina

When couples start planning their wedding, one of the big things on their list is the flowers! This is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. The flowers that are included represent the colors and style that the bride and groom have chosen for their overall palette. Flowers on the wedding day are so versatile because they can be used to decorate the ceremony and reception. Each florist has their own unique style and way of arranging flowers to reflect what a couple wants for their celebration. As a wedding photographer, I have worked with a lot of good floral designers. However, Serendipity Floral Designs and Fiore Design House are my favorite Wilmington wedding florists!

Flowers can be a big expense on your wedding day, but they can make your day look so beautiful! I recommend splurging on your wedding bouquet over anything else. Your bouquet is in EVERY photo, and I really do mean every photo!! From the ceremony, bridal party, family portraits, and bride and groom portraits, you want your bouquet to look the best! There has been a growing trend for brides to preserve their bouquets so they can have them forever. This is another great reason to splurge on your bouquet. Another way you can save money is by skipping on the boutonnieres. They wilt very fast and get messed up quickly. If anything, just have the groom wear a boutonniere or have all the groomsmen rent suits that have a pocket square! 

If you’re trying to keep to a tighter budget, you can reuse your flowers from the ceremony. Family formals take place most often in front of an altar, so after portraits, you can repurpose those flowers for the reception! You can also use the bridal party’s bouquets for centerpieces on the tables. If you have a larger reception, you can place flowers on every other table to save more money. Invest a little extra time in planning and find places where you can reuse your flowers! 

Serendipity Floral Designs and Fiore Design House have both been great to work with in Wilmington! They answer emails in a timely manner and you can easily get in touch with them. Let’s not forget all of their unique and beautiful work! I have never photographed a bad looking bouquet or arrangement. I love how they make their bouquets look whimsical and flowly. Both of these wedding florists use a rich variety of different florals and colors to match the couples’ wedding. They don’t repeat the same styles and always make sure that each wedding is different, while still capturing the bride’s vision! I also love that they bring some extra loose flowers so I can add a few florals to my flat lay images. All my brides have been very happy with my favorite Wilmington wedding florists!

I would love to photograph your wedding this year! If you’re interested in having one of these amazing florists for your wedding, please reach out to me so we can start planning!

Serendipity Floral Designs

Fiore Design House

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