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Meredith College Bridal Portraits | Raleigh Wedding Photographer

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bride holding a bouquet posing at Meredith College in Raleigh

As a Raleigh wedding photographer, I can’t tell you how important it is to schedule bridal portraits before your big day! I loved shooting my now sister-in-law’s bridal session at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC! We had gorgeous light and we shot her photos in a location that was special to her. There are many advantages to having bridal portraits taken before your wedding!

Crazy as it sounds, I photographed her bridal session only TWO days before the wedding! This was risky because we definitely couldn’t get the dress dirty because we had no time to clean it! However, her portraits ended up being easy peasy! Amy went to Meredith College and enjoyed her time there as a student. It was a special location to her and was ideal for photos, with the brick buildings and white columns. 

I arrived at the session ahead of time and brought an electric leaf blower to clean the leaves and dirt off the sidewalk. I like to include some walking shots with a bridal session. However, we couldn’t get her dress messy before the wedding, and walking would result in a dirty dress. Amy carried her dress from one spot to another. Once she was in position, she placed the bottom of her dress on the ground. I placed her in a certain pose, we fluffed the bottom of her dress, and I photographed her in that spot from different angles.

Why You Need a Bridal Portrait Session

I love photographing bridal portrait sessions before wedding days. It’s the perfect time to see your entire look from head to toe! From your jewelry, hair, make up, and shoes, you will learn if there are any changes you need to make before you officially get married. Most brides don’t get to see what they look like until the wedding day which can always make the timeline run behind if there are changes that need to be made. Be sure to book the same hair and make up artist you’re using for your wedding. This way, you can see your full look and let your artist know if there’s anything you need to change. 

Ideally, brides should schedule their portrait session about three months before the wedding day. You will have time to clean anything if necessary (but we are always extra careful to make sure it doesn’t get dirty). This also gives you the opportunity to print your photos to display at the wedding if you wish. 

Choosing a location for your bridal session can be a challenge. I love taking photos at your wedding venue! Sometimes there is a fee to reserve your spot at a venue on a weekday. However, some venues will let you shoot for free if you’re already having your wedding there. When your bridal portrait session takes place at your venue, it looks very cohesive in your final wedding gallery. If you aren’t able to shoot at your wedding venue, brides will choose another location that is meaningful to them. This was the case for Amy’s bridal portraits at Meredith College.

Amy’s bridal portrait session was special not just for her, but for me as well! If you’re looking for a Raleigh wedding photographer, I am only booking a certain amount of dates this year! Fill out my contact form to inquire with me!

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