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My Favorite Beach Engagement Locations in Wilmington

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couple standing on the beach at Fort Fisher during golden hour for engagement session

I’m so excited to share my favorite beach engagement locations in Wilmington! One of the best things about living in this area of North Carolina is all of the amazing places for portraits. I especially love shooting at the beach because of the beautiful golden hour light and all of my couples’ photos are just perfect. All my wedding packages come with an engagement session, as that is the perfect time to be in front of the camera, practice posing, and get to know each other. After the engagement session, you and your fianc√© will be pros on the wedding day when it comes to posing. Taking engagement photos with your wedding photographer before the official day gives you time to have fun together and get to know each other!

Fort Fisher

As you may have noticed from past engagement sessions, Fort Fisher is one of my favorite places near Wilmington for portraits. My engagement sessions are usually about an hour and a half long. Whenever I schedule an engagement session at Fort Fisher, we always have a lot of photo options. l start out by placing my couples among the Southern live oak trees. The lighting is still a little high in the sky at the start of the session, so this is the perfect spot to begin with the trees filtering some of the light. I also just love the look of the big live oak trees!

At the beginning of all of my sessions, I always teach my couples how to pose so this is used a “warm up time”! It’s ok to feel awkward at the beginning, but as I move through the engagement session, all of my couples become so natural in front of the camera.

Once we finish up at the live oak trees, we head to the beach via a walking path or dock, to the big rocks and the ocean. Fort Fisher gives us so many different locations for photos and gives your gallery variety! As the sun starts to set, we head down to the boat ramp for beautiful sunset photos, with the ocean in the background! This is my absolute favorite part of the session!

Wrightsville Beach

Another location I love for engagement sessions is the south end of Wrightsville Beach. It’s the end of the island and the perfect place to start is in the tall dunes. This area has no houses around, so it’s just a beach oasis! Wrightsville Beach provides a very wide area that is stunning for photos. This location looks like a non-stop beach and you feel like you’re the only people around. The beach has a beautiful view of the sunset for photos at the end of the session. You can go on the sound side of the island and sometimes, even get sailboats in the background of photos! 

If you’re ready to book your photos at one of my favorite beach engagement locations in Wilmington, please reach out via my contact form so we can discuss details!

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